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We have hired trucks to deliver 100 x 50 kilo (110 lb) bags of rice to Guinob-an, my hometown in Eastern Samar - where Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit first.
1,000 people live in Guinob-an. 100 Sacks will feed the entire population for 10 days. Each sack costs about $45, and if we send four shipments of 25 each (so we can start right away) the transportation will be $800. We will send some selected medicines too. Altogether it will cost $6,000.
My family is there. I was so worried -- then 3 days after the storm we got a call from my brother, Rommel. He and other brave men from Guinob-an had driven motorcycles over the destroyed roads to seek help from the outside world. They had survived but 95% of the houses are gone.
My first responsibiity was to help secure my family (I am one of 12 kids.) We sent $600 and yesterday my nephew JR left Manila (24 hours to the north) by bus with enough rice and medicine to keep my family safe for two weeks. But that's just my family.
I've talked to other Guinob-anons abroad. Together we want to help our town. The whole Barangay Needs Help NOW. The efforts of relief groups are failing to meet the needs of the people. Aid is not getting through.
But we are able to get supplies in.
Together we can truly, truly make a difference for this one small town.
Thank you, Guinob-anons, for helping.
Thank you, everyone, who will be part of this.
Tulong tulong tayo.
See updates for more. . . . Salamat!



Project Coordinator