Transform Relief is an organization designed to influence the evolution of disaster relief and development aid through a series of integrated projects involving sustainable agriculture, food security, energy independence, clean and renewable energy technology, livelihood and economic stability, as well as internet access for information sharing.

We do this by engaging with a particular region immediately following a disaster to enlist a network of volunteers on the ground. These volunteers gather and provide detailed information about the needs of specific communities.  With that information we help them develop and secure funding for projects that will simultaneously provide immediate relief and meet our criteria for building resilient communities.

We aim to catalyze a rapid transition from the current predominant culture of reactive disaster response to one of proactive, protective development in the regions of the world that are the most vulnerable to the effects of natural and manmade disasters due to their geographic and socio-economic conditions.

We advocate for higher international standards for global food/energy security, strategic public/private sector partnerships, increased citizen participation in a democratic relief process, and equal consideration for the ecological, social and economic impacts of development activity.